Hidden achievements in Minecraft


Hidden achievements in Minecraft

Minecraft can feel like a lost game after defeating the Ender Dragon or acquiring an Elytra. This is especially true if you don't have a large project in mind.

For those who enjoy exploring Minecraft's world and learning new things, completing advancements can be an enjoyable objective.

Hidden innovations in Minecraft

These advancements cannot be seen on the advancement screen until the player has completed them. These are all hidden advancements in Minecraft Java Edition, version 1.17.

Four Hidden Achievements in Minecraft

1) Hero of the Village

This achievement is unlocked when a player defends a Minecraft village against a raid. Raids are events in which many illagers attack one village. This happens when a player with an active Bad Omen Status effect enters a Minecraft chunk that has a village.

If the village is abandoned, however, it will not activate. Raids come in different waves. The difficulty level of each world determines the maximum number of waves.

2) Voluntary Exile

A raid captain is the person who unlocks the Voluntary Exile achievement. Raid captains are illagers who carry an ominous banner. It spawns during raids, riding sometimes on a ravager, as players will be able to guess. They may also be encountered by players on pillager patrols, or at a pillager post.

3) Arbalistic

This is the easiest hidden advance. It is possible to kill five mobs with a crossbow. You can make a crossbow with three sticks, an iron ingot and two strings.

Crossbows can also be obtained by killing pillagers or piglins with them or looting boxes generated in bastions and pillager outposts.

4) How did we get here?

This is the most difficult advancement in Minecraft. This achievement is only possible if all 26 status effects are applied simultaneously to the player.

Here is a list of all effects that must be activated on the player simultaneously:

This advancement can be completed by making all required potions and filling dispensers with them. Players should next try to obtain the Bad Omen or Hero of the Village status effects, which last very long.

They must then get all mob status effects. Players can activate the remaining effects by using the dispenser. This is a difficult feat, even though it sounds easy.