How to start your taming career in Minecraft


How to start your taming career in Minecraft

Players will be confronted with many mobs during their Minecraft adventures. While some mobs can be dangerous, others could be beneficial to the player. Some mobs players may meet are tamable. These mobs can also be controlled in a variety of ways. Players can have them as pets and embark on adventures together.

5 Minecraft mobs to help beginners tame their Minecraft mobs in 2022

Players will meet many different tamable mobs during their journey. Each mob can be beneficial to the player in a different way, but some mobs are more likely to assist the player when they first start out. Players will be looking for mobs to help them get to grips with their world.

Minecraft has a different way of taming every mob

You should remember that not all mobs can be controlled the same way. What works for a cat may not work for a horse. Players will need to make sure that they choose the right strategy for each mob when choosing a mob to target.

These are the top five mobs that beginners should learn to master in Minecraft.

1) Cats

Minecraft is a great place to find a cat companion. They can offer countless benefits and are a wonderful way for players to get along. Creepers and phantoms can be chased by cats. This is a great way for creepers to avoid getting close to cats. They provide string, feathers and raw chicken to players.

2) Wolves

Wolves can be a great addition to any world. They are able to protect them against various enemies and will take on any risk to save them. You can take wolves on adventures around the world. Or, you can tell the wolf to stay at home. Wolves can do moderate damage, and they can be used to help in larger fights.

3) Llamas

Llamas allow players to take extra items on their travels around the globe. Because llamas can transport items in a chest on their backs, this is possible. Players can use leads to lead a caravan consisting of llamas. They can bring them back large quantities of materials, or they can be prepared to build larger structures.

4) Horses

There is a lot to Minecraft. It is a large world that players can explore. If horses are well-tamed, they can be a quick means of transport for players. Horses can be tamed to come in many colors and have different jump heights, speeds, and health. You can increase this to higher levels by breeding. To make horses even more powerful, they can wear armor.

5) Axolotls

Axolotls, which are cute aquatic mobs, can protect the player from danger when they're in dangerous water. They can travel on land but they must not stay out of water too long to die. There are five colors of Axolotls, with the rarest being the blue. Axolotls can attack fish and squid, and can be fed tropical fish in order to get them to attack Drowned or Guardians.