Minecraft Towny


Minecraft Towny

Towny is a classic but still hugely popular game mode for Minecraft servers, attracting thousands of players daily.

The Towny server allows players to claim large plots of land. They can then build their own town and invite other players to live there. Each town has its own economy, can trade with other towns and hold their own elections for mayor. They can also go to war with towns.

The best towny servers offer balanced economies, active moderation, and a wide range of features that players can enjoy. We'll be looking at five of the most popular towny servers right now.

Mox MC

IP Address: moxmc.net

Mox MC, a well-known Minecraft network, offers many game modes. Towny is one such game mode. Players can either build their dream town or join one already built.

Many custom towny features are available on the server, including a global marketplace system that allows towns to instantly trade with each other in items they produce, such as food, weapons, or armor.


IP Address: mc.craftyourtown.com

CraftYourTown, a dedicated server for townies, has hundreds of players connecting every day. It supports Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock players to connect.

CraftYourTown offers a wide range of features that enhance the experience in your town, such as jobs, events and bank accounts.


IP Address: play.earthmc.net

EarthMC, described as a “geopolitical and sandbox”, is a fun, small-scale server that uses a large-scale map of the globe. This map was created in Minecraft using satellite data.

You can create your own nation (or town) in any real-life country and invite other players to live and work in it. If this doesn't sound exciting enough, leaders can declare war on other nations and invade them.


IP Address: play.townysmp.com

TownySMP, a new towny server with all the latest towny features, is relatively new. It is ideal for anyone looking to embark on a new adventure in a growing community.

This server offers everything a towny player could need, including jobs, crates and town elections.


IP Address: join.mineraze.net

MineRaze is the last but not least, a towny server that offers many unique features, including dungeons and quests, pets, custom items, and pets.

Mineraze supports the latest Minecraft version immediately upon release, unlike many other servers. Players won't have to wait to get the most recent Minecraft features while playing the server.