Perks of Minecraft server hosting


Perks of Minecraft server hosting

Minecraft is what you call the quintessential classic game but with a contemporary version. Many may compare it with Lego of the virtual world, but that can't be an accurate presumption. That's because Minecraft is so vast and extremely popular and has just a theme based on Lego.

Minecraft has been able to soar to heights of extreme popularity with the simplicity in graphics and dexterity to play with simple gameplay. Its popularity has pushed the game to extend to all interfaces from desktops to mobile to consoles.

What Are The Benefits Of Hosting Your Own Minecraft Server?

There are several ways to play Minecraft, but legitimately hosting the server tops the chart of versatility. The love for the game has pushed fans or players to run their server for hosting Minecraft.

That said, let's have a look at some advantages of hosting your own Minecraft server.

1.     Mods Choosing Leverage

If you are a gaming zealot, you must have encountered a few frustrating situations. Think about when you play a specific version of a game that doesn't come equipped with mods. Although these plugins are out there available, they are not reachable to you.

When you host your server for Minecraft, you get a buffet of choices for mods.

2.     Forming Your Community

As humans, we thrive in a community and strive to make one naturally. And in the world of gaming, friends play a huge role in taking the gaming experience to another level. Minecraft extends excellent opportunities to make your community of friends and take socializing to the virtual world.

3.     You Make Your Rules

While there are hosts that serve communities at larger scales, even the rules take a blanket approach. But if you were to host your own Minecraft server, you make a world of your own.

You know you have the liberty to take into account only those rules that pertain to your smaller community. The rules will be at your dispersal and no one else's.

4.     You Learn As You Host

You may always have been the one imparting knowledge. But don't be surprised with the tables turning when you begin hosting the Minecraft server. It will enable you to exercise social research or experiment and educating young minds on the significance of decision-making and behavioral traits.

The best part is you get to learn and impart all these within a fun domain. You begin to consider hosting as a potential medium along with being involved in a game.

5.     Scope for Monetization

It takes money to host a Minecraft server as you go along and even more so if you are hosting several players. The cost involved is relatively high, but Minecraft's silver lining is under Microsoft's license and understands its monetary requirement.

And that's why; Microsoft offers allowances to make your job easier. You can monetize your Minecraft servers by way of web store set-up, ads in the game, and many more.

FAQs On Minecraft Server Hosting

Q. Does Minecraft come free?

A. The answer is no because Minecraft is under the license of Microsoft. Various versions of Minecraft vary in costs depending on their availability on different platforms. For instance, The Windows Platform Minecraft costs relatively lower than the PS4 version.

Q. Is Minecraft Server Hosting free?

A. As stated above, hosting a server for Minecraft comes at a cost and even more o in the long run if you are hosting large numbers with players. It is expensive owing to the high-priced equipment and infrastructure involved.

You can deter the cost by hosting on a shared basis with a web hosting company. You will pay a lesser monthly fee based on your requirements.

Q. What's the minimum RAM needed for Minecraft Server?

A. As it is with other web applications, you will need more RAM for more players. But to begin with a basic 10-plater set-up or so, 1GB RAM should do the job. For a smoother experience, you can up the ante with RAM.

Q. What is the best hosting company for Minecraft servers?

A. Hostinger is incontestably the best and the leading in the Minecraft server list for hosting. Their plans come tailor-made for those looking to begin hosting. Hostinger also has dedicated support for Minecraft to guide and advise you on installation and everything else.