The best Minecraft house ideas


The best Minecraft house ideas

These are the top Minecraft house ideas that will inspire you to build your next project.

– Wooden house ideas – Simple survival tips
– Farmhouse Ideas
– Treehouse ideas
– Modern house design ideas
– Underground house ideas
– Japanese house ideas

Are you looking for the best Minecraft house designs for your next builds? There are endless possibilities when it comes to building a Minecraft house. However, we don't have unlimited inspiration. There are endless options for every type and size of build. There are many options, whether you're building a modern mansion or a survivalist setup or treetop towers.

It's best to learn the basics of Minecraft first before you get more advanced. The best way to start is to learn how to build a Minecraft house. It is smaller than the larger projects you will tackle later on and will help you prepare for them.

We have a wide range of residences to show you, from starter homes to large-scale builds that will make you ponder blueprints. Don't worry, the pieces you find can be remade into something else. You can also shrink them to make them fit. Let's now visit our gallery of masterpieces. Take a look at these Minecraft house ideas to get you started on your next project.

Survival house ideas for Minecraft

TheMythicalSasuage has created the perfect Minecraft survival house. This 8×8 cabin is not only beautiful, but it is also very easy to build. It's the perfect place to start a survival map. Your base doesn't have to be boring just because you're just starting out.

This Minecraft survival house from Minecraft Today is very simple to build and has many lovely homely touches that you don't need a lot of extra resources. This small base is made mostly of stone and oak. Minecraft Today added some nice little touches like a small garden and a large glass window to let you see what is approaching your new home.

Minecraft house ideas: Wooden house ideas

Minecraft wooden house ideas

Zaypixel's Autumn cabin is the first item on the list. It features a thatched roof, cozy fireplace, and lots of pumpkins. The cabin is cozy and I love the brick accents. The tutorial by Zaypixel is very easy to follow, and the soft piano music makes it a relaxing video even if you don't plan on building.

You're looking for a more striking wooden house? JUN MAB's enormous wooden house is available in survival or creative modes. This multilayered home is a great base to spot wildlife from afar.

Ideas for Minecraft houses: Farmhouse ideas

Ideas for Minecraft farmhouses

TheMythicalSausage's farm build , is for you if you are looking for a traditional farmhouse. The allotment is located next to the house and has an interesting, round shape. A lovely touch is the wooden bench that sits on the porch's front porch.

JUN MAB is back with their stunning farmhouse build . Instead of having the farm allotment separated from the house, they cleverly linked the two in a staggered structure to create one complete build. It's a very easy tutorial. I highly recommend you check out their other videos to see more beautiful builds.

Treehouse ideas for Minecraft houses

Ideas for Minecraft treehouses

For a quick and simple build, Ayvocado's tutorial on building a treehouse is a good option. The ladder for this house can be built into the tree trunk. There's also a small wooden veranda you can use to look out.

This treehouse was designed by Mr Mirror. It is built around the tree trunk and not inside it. It offers 360-degree views. You will find plenty of storage space and a place for your crafting tools.

Although this is not a treehouse I wanted to include it in our elevated home section because SheepGG's hanging house is stunning. This hanging house is a creative solution for those who want the best view. However, it is not for everyone.

Modern Minecraft house ideas

Modern Minecraft house ideas

JUNS MAB's latest builds are back with their modern Minecraft house . This modern Minecraft house is a great example of how clean lines and minimalist designs work in Minecraft's dense world.

Rizzial has many great house ideas on their Minecraft channel. But this modern house build stands out because it's slightly larger with three full floors. This build is so angular and the brick, white blocks, and wood balance each other perfectly.

Modern Minecraft houses look great, but what about a modern Minecraft home on water? Knight's modern house was designed to appear like it's floating on water. This build is stunning and definitely makes use of some of the best Minecraft shading tools (opens in new Tab).

Minecraft house ideas: Underground house ideas

Ideas for Minecraft underground houses

I often think of an underground base as a shabby, spartan bunker. But ItsMarloe's underground base has exceeded my expectations. It's not inconspicuous but it sure has style.

Tanol Games has another stylish Minecraft underground base (opens in new window), which looks a lot like a Pokeball. The best thing about this base? It has a tree at the centre. This brings some life to the earthy, blocky depths.

Ideas for Minecraft houses: Japanese house designs

Ideas for a Minecraft Japanese house

BlueBits' Japanese Minecraft house is one the most beautiful builds on this list. The blue roof blocks really make this build stand out. You can also see the second part of this tutorial to learn how to create a delicate Japanese garden.

BlueNerd's Japanese Minecraft house tutorial may look huge at forty minutes but it's full of great design details and detail that's worth checking out. The bamboo and lanterns bring the entire build together.